MI Excite store Refund and Return policy:

  1. Without prejudice to the provisions of the agreement and statutory warranty, the consumer has the right to Refund and Return the product provided to him from Excite Store within the seven days following the date of receiving the product, and he is not entitled to return  the product after the seven days have passed.
  2. To return  the product, it is required that the product be in good condition and that the consumer has not used the product or obtained its benefit, and Excite Store has the right to inspect the product before returning or exchanging to ensure its safety.
  3. The consumer is not entitled to return  the product in the following cases:
    • If the product was manufactured at the request of the consumer or according to the specifications he specified, with the exception of products that have a defect or that violate the specifications specified by the consumer.
    • If the product is video tapes, discs, CDs, or information programs that have been used.
    • If the product is newspapers, magazines, publications, books, or any other form of literature.
    • If the product is a digital card or a digital key to activate an electronic program or service.
    • If a defect appears in the product due to the consumer’s poor possession.
    • If the contract deals with the purchase of software download products over the Internet.
  4. In the event that the provisions of the said return policy are met; The consumer has the right to return the product to the MI Excite Store with only product refund .
  5. The customer can cancel the purchase before the status of “shipped”  without additional fees.
  6. If the customer requests to cancel the purchase while he is in the “shipped” or “Completed” order status, the shipping amount will be deducted from the returned amount.

Refund and Return policy Gaming Build PC products:

  1. Gaming Build PC products cannot be returned or exchanged except in the event of faults, and the faulty parts will be replaced by the agent.
  2. The customer can cancel the purchase before order status of “installation”, “packaging” or “shipped” without additional charges.
  3. If a problem arises within the first 72 hours of receipt and has not been resolved remotely, MI Excite Store will bear the shipping costs to and from the customer, after which any shipping costs will be borne by the customer.
  4. 7 days after the customer received the Gaming Build PC or when the device box was opened, the Excite Store does not bear any responsibility in the event of any problem.
  5. If the customer decides to cancel the Gaming Build PC request while it is in the case of “installation”, or “packaging”, 500 riyals will be deducted from the refund amount for the customer. With only product refund